Fire in the Middle, 2020

In this site-specific gallery installation, Martin incorporates moving image, photographic, and sculptural works that cross-reference autobiographical elements with science fiction and uncanny cartographies. Through appropriations of fast food interior design and explorations into portal narratives, the exhibition questions how digital mapping systems might one day spark a unification of Belfast’s segregated communities and beyond, by way of interdimensional, space-traveling delivery services.

Within the context of Belfast’s political history, Martin examines the intersections between the gig economy, digital mapping technology, and ancient Sumerian mythology to explore the ways in which autobiography and post-conflict architecture are experienced through the augmented fiction of a digital street map.

A text written specifically for the show by London based writer, critic and editor Chris Fite-Wassilak can be downloaded HERE!

Naughton Gallery at Queen’s, Belfast
Photos by Simon Mills